Tips of winning in Slot Game


Posted on : 3/23/2018 11:57:48 AM

There is no way to control a slot machine, or guarantee your winnings. However, you may apply certain tricks to increase your chances of winning.

- Set a budget before you started playing

- Stay to the plan

- Choose a size that your bankroll could afford

- Clearly understand the pay table

- Always bet max when hitting for a jackpot

- Chase when you win, stop when you lose

- Increase your bets when you are winning

- Have fun

Play selectively

You should first consider the following factors when choosing a slot game to play. In Malaysia, most of the slot game have their paying period. You have to hit them when they are in their paying period. Start with the smallest coin and try if the game is paying. You know the game is paying when free games come a few times after u started playing. Increase your bets when that happens.


Set a budget

Always determine a specific amount you are willing to bet before started to play. By deciding a budget before you play slot game can help you to decrease the amount of losing. But the most important part is not deciding a budget, but to stay to the budget you allocate!


Once a winner stays a winner

If you hit a nice jackpot and you still wants to play, set a minimum amount to stop playing the slot game. For example, the jackpot gave you MYR3000.00 but you felt that you still can win more. So you tell yourself, if the credit drops to less than MYR2000.00 I will stop playing. Then you shall be the winner of the slot game!