Slot Games in 918Kiss


Posted on : 4/4/2018 6:00:15 PM

How can someone make money from gambling? Obviously there are someone among our friends that is actually making money from gambling! Especially if they are playing 918kiss slot game, why is that so? In 918kiss, cash out rate is as high as 50%, where every day you can get to cash out with a big win with just a little tips!

First of all, spin not more than 5 times in each game, because in 918kiss slot game, the games that are ready to pay is waiting for you, and if that game is not ready to pay, you are just wasting your time spinning it.

By monitoring numerous players of Z-Club online casino, we realize that those players that always hit a big win, they do not stay at a game for a long time. They switch their games very often, and once they hit a free game or bonus game, they raise their bets.


This trick has been proven by many of the examples showed by players in our online casino. By switching to game that pay, you are able to hit a big win every time you play 918kiss.

Another trick is do not give up easily. If you deposit first time during the day, do not stop when you have lost for the first round. The trick is to maintain more time on the slot game, by playing it for a long time, you are guaranteed to hit on certain free game and bonus game.


All the big win players are spending more than 3 hours per day in playing 918kiss slot games, Malaysian players tend to be inpatient and spin with a huge bet and finish the credit in a short period of time. This is the biggest mistake when you are playing 918kiss slot game.

The game itself is highly affected by the time you invested in the game, so you need to bet smart and play slowly. Another trick is to not using the auto play system. By having the auto play system turned on, you basically turn off your chances of winning big in 918kiss!

Lastly, we wish all our players to keep winning, and cash out from Z-Club everyday!