918KISS as a replacement to SCR888


Posted on : 4/13/2018 11:43:15 AM

It was officially announced on 5th January 2018 that SCR888 company has launched another new brand – 918KISS, to replace the old SCR888 in 2018. It was a great surprise to everyone in Malaysia. Nonetheless, we would like to give you some insights about what’s happening in 918KISS.

As said, its winning payout will remain as high as SCR888, or even higher. This would be great news to all SCR888 fans since some of them have been depending on SCR888 for living.

Why not we start from some of the top mobile slot games offered by 918KISS, so that everyone would know what to play in the new slot game brand? Below are the top mobile slot games in 918KISS:

  1. 918KISS Wukong

SCR888 Download 918KISS Wukong

I believe most of you know what is Wukong. It’s one of the most played mobile slot games in online casino Malaysia. It’s ranked as the No.5 best mobile slot games in 918KISS given its high popularity and increasing demand. Initially, people play Wukong in illegal gambling due to its multiplayer mode, which introduce more fun to players and they can get to play together.

Today, most of the online gamblers play Wukong on smartphones. The trend has changed. Plus, winning payout is even higher in mobile version compared to arcade game version.