Z-Club Online Casino


Posted on : 3/30/2018 4:53:47 PM

Z-Club might not be the largest online casino company in Malaysia, however we are definitely at the top 10 list of must try Online Casino listing in Malaysia. Our history of Z-Club online casino started on 2012, which has a 8 years of experience in gambling industry. All along the way, every online casino operator has been improving in their service, platform quality. Today we can see a lot of different online gambling platform in the market, so the level of competition are very high.


However Z-Club Online Casino stands out from the crowd and still ranked at the top among the companies in Malaysia. By 2018 we aim to serve customer with the best service, providing players the best gaming experience. More online betting games will be added to our products, such as 918kiss, Mega888 is the latest game introduced in the year 2018. If you want to play online casino games such as slot game, live casino games, arcade games. Z-Club is a must try choices.


918kiss is the obvious top game in the market, following SCR888 which is closed down due to competition. They come out with a new product named 918kiss, and is quickly known by the market. The re-branding of 918kiss is a huge success, and now 90% of the players in Z-Club is playing this game. It is highly convenient to play 918kiss, especially all the slot games is available in both Android and IOS.


The high win rate of 918kiss is also the main factor players loved this game. The average cash out rate of 918kiss slot game players go as far as 50%, and 10% of them will win more than 10 times of the deposit amount.


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